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Brady, Texas

        Custom Aircraft Painting

   Our History began with Charles Day Aircraft Refinishers in San Antonio, Texas in the early 60's. Then moved to San Angelo, Texas in 1971. With over 38 years of aircraft
painting and paint facility management background ranging from Home Built, War Birds, Private and Corporate Aircraft. 

    After the passing of my Dad in 1979 I went on to manage other facility's such as KC Aviation (Now Gulfstream Aviation) in Dallas, Texas and others.

    We have completed many different type's of aircraft from all over the world, to include EAA Founder Paul H. Poberezny, Howard Pardue, Jimmy Leeward, CAF, Mitsubishi Aircraft, British Aerospace, Beechcraft, Cessna, NASA, Coca Cola Company and many other well known celebrities and well known company's.

    My Dad instilled the Pride of Quality workmanship and Dedication that we carry on today. He as I believe in giving the Customer the Best, no matter what size aircraft you
fly. I believe, as my Dad did, I quote, " that no matter what you fly we will always
give you the best experience and the best finished product possible." Quality and Customer Satisfaction is the Priority of our staff. We stand by our reputation of putting Our Customer and their needs First.

    We also believe in giving our customer more than what they are expecting so they understand that when they leave our facility, with their aircraft, they are not on their own. If there are ever any questions or needs we are just a phone call or e-mail away.
    We are in a facility that is 100'L x 100'W x 20' Door Height, in Brady, Texas.We are
able to do complete build ups such as Fiberglass, and Carbon Fiber and Aluminum aircraft like the Lancair series, Turbine Legends, Van's RV's to stripping and repainting the Larger aircraft.

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