An inventory and incoming inspection is completed on the aircraft upon arrival to the Day Aircraft Refinishers, LLC paint facility and anything that is left with the aircraft is kept locked up. After the incoming inspection is completed, a file is started with a checklist of everything to be accomplished on the aircraft to include any problems noted during the incoming inspection. The customer will be notified of any problems encountered during the incoming inspection to which the customer will be given the opportunity to fix or leave as is. After customer notification of any problems masking of the aircraft, stripping will begin.



All flight controls will be removed per the manufacturer’s guidelines and FAA regulations. After said preparations are completed a Non-Methylene Chloride stripper will be used to strip said aircraft, aircraft are stripped with an Environmental Safe Stripper. After the aircraft is stripped of all exterior paint, any hidden cosmetic problems and all fiberglass areas have been addressed, anything that might be above and beyond the agreed-upon work scope will be addressed with the customer.



After unmasking the aircraft, it will be hand-cleaned, then a chemical etch is applied to all aluminum surfaces, washed, and checked for a water break free surface this ensures the aluminum is clean. Then the entire surface is treated with Alodine. Alodine reacts with the aluminum, creating a coating of aluminum oxide. We will now re-mask the aircraft, fix any problem areas, re-etch, and Alodine if needed, and then clean all surfaces to be primed. Epoxy chromate primer is applied to all aluminum surfaces and a sanding surfacer primer is applied to fill areas fiberglass. Depending on the type of aircraft, the epoxy surfacer is applied to the entire aircraft to assure a perfectly smooth surface for the base paint to be applied.


Screws on inspection doors and/or panels that may have been removed frequently will be loosened during the painting process to aid in stopping the possibility of breaking the paint when removing or replacing said screws. After the proper cure time of the base coat, the customer approved paint scheme will be applied using a 3M fine line tape to aid in crisp clean lines. After the design has been applied, all areas that stay the base color will be covered, all tape going over seam laps and cherry rivets are cut and blocked to help in preventing blow-by from tape stretching. After painting the accent colors, the fine line tape will be removed as soon as possible to aid in the crispness of the lines.


Day Aircraft Refinishers, LLC includes many extra services above the industry standards including:

  • Sealing Around Windows
  • Clean and Polish Boots
  • Leading Edge Tape
  • Paint Touch Up Kit Provided

A 2-year warranty, above and beyond the paint manufactures warranty is given on all defects in workmanship. If a situation arises to which is not covered by said warranty Day Aircraft Refinishers, LLC will review the situation and make sure the customer is taken care of. 

Situations where a product problem may arise will be dealt with through Day Aircraft Refinishers, LLC. As the customer representative and the customer’s rights and needs will be met to make sure the customer is made whole.